Technical Writing

Instructions  Manuals       Employee Handbooks  Procedures

Depending on what the technical writing purpose, every technical project has one thing in common:  It has to be extremely accurate, precise, and clear

Many people would rather listen to the same three chords on an accordian for 14 hours straight than write a technical document.  That is why,I am here.  I have written software manuals, designed forms for entire business process systems, created instructions, documented procedures  . . .  I have done all kinds of technical writing that could put sleep medicine out of business.  In the end it was usable, understandable, and even readable.

It may not be exciting, but done correctly, technical writing can be all that protects you from a regulatory violation or from general mayhem in your office.  It can also ensure you have very satisfied, happy customers.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Why do I have a part left over?” right before your do-it-yourself project collapses, you know the importance of good technical writing.

Now go grab some coffee before you nod off from just reading about technical writing.  All you need to know is that you need it but today is your lucky day and you don’t  have to do it, because I can do it for you.