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Blah blah blah?  Hah.

My name is Dee Anne Phillips and I have been writing successfully for a long time.

But you’re not here to find out about all of that.  You’re here to find out how I can help make you successful.

So I will dispense with the boring bio, and let just a few of the people who have benefited from my help, have the floor.

(Don’t worry.  You’re in the Write Place.)

Presentations & Training

Ms. Phillips is a master-communicator.  Whether wordsmithing a webpage or making a PowerPoint communicate, she ensures the audience gets the message.  Whatever the medium, when she is done with her magic, the project is engaging and clean, logical and prioritized, and most importantly – effective.  She makes every word count, so page-turner websites become insightful, thought-provoking reading.  PowerPoints aren’t just animated for the sake of animation, they convey a message and communicate to those who see it.  If you have an idea that needs sharpening, she’ll help you get your message across.

Keith Green – LSUS CE Instructor
Louisiana State University – Shreveport, Louisiana

General Business Communications

Newsletters *Magazines * Marketing/Customer Communication * Employee Communication

The best business writers are those with a strong background in organizational communication. Dee Anne brings her extensive experience in this area to each project, ensuring the result is perfectly tailored to the needs of your business. Her professionalism and enthusiasm make Dee Anne a welcomed partner for any organization.

Julia Schoenberger
Senior Communications Manager
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Marketing Communications

Through efforts of Dee Anne Phillips, the company’s objectives to enhance internal communications and institute improved customer satisfaction through communication, were realized.  Her innovative approach to tackling these projects proved to be invaluable in making us the market leader.

Larry Lepinski
Shreveport, Louisiana

Resumes & CV’s

I had been looking for a new job for a few months.  Times are hard in Scotland and it was beginning to seem like I would never get anything.  Dee Anne took the information in my CV and I was literally amazed at how ‘good a job prospect’ I seemed to be to any potential employers after Dee Anne got to work on my behalf. I also had her create a new covering letter for me.

Very early on in our discourse I realised that she was a great writer.  I was, however, quite unprepared for the amazing clarity and business insight that she brought to my CV and covering letter.  I posted my newly revised CV on job sites, and used the new covering letter to apply, and in some cases re-apply, for a few jobs.

Within three working days I had received two invitations to interview for a new post.  I was offered a job at the first interview, and started work in three days’ time!  I don’t think I would have gotten this far, this quickly, without employing the special skills of Dee Anne Phillips.

Dave Albiston
Edinburgh, Scotland

Speech Writing

Dee Anne Phillips is one of the communications specialists I know. When our large international organization was facing a major reorganization with the potential for large staff disruption, I engaged Ms. Phillips to formulate an internal and external communication plan. As difficult as the task was, Dee Anne came up with exactly the right mix of substantive information and tone, drafting key elements of an all-staff speech, internal memoranda and press release. Her honest, straightforward style coupled with her sensitivity to how the information would be received became the key factor in this difficult transition period. I can’t say enough positive about Dee Anne.

​Joe Bruns
Washington, D.C.

Book Editing

I have had the privilege to work alongside on several projects with Ms. Phillips.  Dee Anne was the copy editor for my last book, entitled “Primordial Freedom” contracted for publication by Paraclete Press in 2017. She helped with some overarching editorial questions with content and has a natural eye for spotting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. She also has a good feel for the flow of sentences. If a sentence is jarring for any reason to a portion of readers she will sleuth it out.

​Dee Anne, additionally,is a gracious soul with whom I have had the privilege to work. And I don’t say that lightly. I have worked with thousands of people over the last two decades as an ordained minister and I always find Dee Anne courteous and kind, without exception. She has had challenges in her life that have softened and deepened her soul. Dee Anne has also helped me immensely on a number of other projects. I recommend her wholeheartedly for editorial work of any kind.

Rev. Dr. Amos Smith
Author Healing the Divide; Primordial Freedom
Tucson, Arizona


Dee Anne Phillips helped me with presentations and manuscripts, always using her expert knowledge to ensure they were perfect. Because of my lack of computer skills, she’s rescued me on many occasions with her suggestions to improve my work.  She is a pleasure to work with, reliable and always completes my work in a timely fashion.

Linda Byrd

Technical Writing

We benefited from Dee Anne Phillips professional technical writing services in support of Alante Management Alliance operations projects.  Her instruction manuals are readily understandable, concise and accurate.  Her documentation of procedures is complete and all encompassing, at both the process and procedural levels.  Dee Anne always produces documents such as employee handbooks, that are audience-specific for maximum perception.

Don Buckingham
Columbus, Ohio